Friday, April 18, 2014


Here is a two piece view of my upcoming pattern: the cosi swimsuit.  You can see the other two pairs I have made and my pattern cover here

Below are the line drawings of each of the views for this pattern.  Each view can be either made halter neck or with adjustable crossed straps.  The leg frills can be added to any view (except View D). Pattern is sized 6 mo - 10 years.  It can be made fully lined or with just a lined gusset.

Some of these photos are not great as I snapped them inside late this afternoon, but I wanted to get this post published today so that I could put out an early call for pattern testers before people got busy with their easter weekend!  This pair needs to be altered a little - notably, lowering the waistline a little (although they will still be high waisted compared with standard briefs/bikinis).

I don't remember where I bought this fabric - it has been in my 'stretch stash' for a while.  It is lycra.

My pattern will not be ready for testing until some time next weekend, however, since great swimsuit fabric can sometimes be difficult to find, I thought I would select my testers this weekend so that they could go ahead and get their fabric organised before the pattern is ready to be tested.  I will invite selected testers to a facebook group where I will let you know the supplies you will need and also give you some tips of good online suppliers of swimwear fabric.

If you would like to test, please only sign up if the following applies to you:

  • My child fits in standard sized clothing for age (ie. is three and size 3 ready to wear clothing fits very well)
  • I can sew the swimsuit and give feedback (including photos of suit being worn) within a week of being provided with pattern.

 If you would like to test, please sign up HERE.  I will notify testers by email in the next two days. TESTER CALL NOW CLOSED THANK YOU!!

Thank you and let me know in the comments if you have any questions!!


Mirjam (DeKaWear) said...

I don't have a Facebook account. Can I still be a tester?

Suz said...

Yes Mirjam - you can email me photos and feedback:)

sewshellysew said...

Oh my! I have been looking for a cute swimsuit pattern FOREVER!! Thank you Thank You Thank You!!!

April Boyer // Modern Handmade said...

Suz, this is adorable! And I actually love the high waist. Can't wait for this pattern!

Brittany said...

Oooh, I have been waiting anxiously for this call!! Signed up for any of my 3 gals! LOVE it!! It's absolutely darling, and so many options!!

Kyle & LaRae said...

This is adorable!! I've got swim fabric in my stash and would LOVE to make one for my daughter. Love all the options!!

Louise Perry said...

I love the high waist it looks darling, good luck with pattern testing this is going to be great.

Christine said...

It is adorable! If I knew what I was doing sewing stretchy fabric I would sign up. I would love to make my girl a swimsuit someday. Maybe when the pattern is for sale?

carin van den berg said...

I love the adjustable strap. I have some cute swimsuit fabric I bought for a suit so I am holding my fingers crossed!

Ashley Simon said...

Love these suits :) too bad my little is in wacky sizes lol 5yrs old and fits well in a 2-4 lol!!! Can't wait to see what the testers make!

Suz said...

Thanks everyone!

OnceUpona Sew said...

I'm excited for this pattern! I have a pile of swimsuit material waiting from last season for the right pattern.

Eska said...

I think this pattern will be a big hit. It's perfectly styled so girls can look like girls and not tiny vixens.

Good luck with the testing! I'd love to sign up but I'm practical and my life is currently too busy to do so.

Lucy said...

Such a shame my girl is to skinny to be a standard size 3 but I am REALLY excited about this pattern!!

When will it be launched? I'd love to make it before our holiday...!

Justine of SewCountryChick said...

If you don't mind my grading the pattern up a size this is perfect for my 11 year old who we can't find a non sexy but still stylish bikini for.I love it!

Suz said...

Thnk Lucy:) fingers crossed for Monday may 5th:)

Suz said...

Thanks Justine. No worries about sizing up:)

dwylie said...

Super cute pattern! I love the versatility.

Gina said...

This is darling!!! I have 4 girls and will be looking forward to the release of your pattern!!!

Courtney Davis said...

So cute! I hate that I missed this call! I have the perfect swimsuit fabric.

Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

Juliette is such a gorgeous little model :) Love the swimmers Suz. The two piece suit looks very comfy also!

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