Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Swimsuit number 2

I finished view two of my (work in progress - early stages) swimsuit pattern today.  

This one is also a one piece - with no central seams, featuring adjustable crossed back straps and a peplum frill. I was inspired by this pin my friend Mie from Sewing like mad pinned last week.  I was already planning on making the swimsuit without central seams and ruching and with the adjustable straps but the frill just got me excited!! The peplum frill will be an option to add to all one suit views (of which there will be three - ruched centre pane (like this one) l, flat centre panel, no panel - seen here). 

I was also excited to see if I could locate this bird print that I found at my local spotlight a few weeks ago.  I had noticed it on the clearance table but had no project in mind for it.  But since deciding to  work on this pattern, I thought the bird print would look great.  If you love this print as much as I do, keep an eye on my blog and facebook page as I will be giving away a metre along with my pattern when it is ready for release.

The strap construction had me taking my bra off to examine how the loops were configured! Perhaps I will include that tip in my finished pattern!

I will leave you with Isabella and her best blue steel impersonation!!

I hope you like this version!  On to the ruched two piece next - this time for Emily.  I am also very excited to show you a new dress design I came up with over the weekend!!


Morningstar Designs said...

These look so sweet! I love the little skirt attached.

Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

Oh I like this version a lot! Love the ruffle, and adjustable straps are the winners! I am already giggling imagining what the instructions might say about examining one's bra!

Suz said...

Tee hee! thanks Jenya!!

Straight Grain said...

Really cute! Both your model and the swimsuit. And the wall paper ;-)

carin van den berg said...

How cute is that. I really love the frill and those adjustable strap!

marisa said...

Love it! Is it some kind of special swimsuit fabric, or just something stretchy?

Beth De Wit said...

Really cute and just love the birds fabric!

Sarah @ EmmylouBeeDoo said...

I LOVE IT! I've never had the inclination to sew a swimsuit until seeing yours. Go Suz, go!

Eska said...

These swimsuits you are making are great. Just what little girls SHOULD be wearing.

sisforsewing said...

Love it! She looks so adorable :)
I do need this pattern - swimming season is coming fast and I know a little girl who is in seriously need of new bathers :)

Masha said...

I love it! I am wondering what the circles are at the back strap. I have to order notions like that online and it takes at least two weeks for them to arrive ... I want to be prepared when your pattern comes out!

nest full of eggs said...

the peplum frill is adorable!

Leentje said...

It's just so beautiful! It would be great for ballet classes too! (I had a pink suit with a peplum just like this when I took ballet classes 'long long time ago')

Jane@Buzzmills said...

Oh i'm loving the little skirt!!!

Suz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suz said...

Yay! Thanks Sarah!!

Suz said...

If you want to order the pieces the circles are called rings (x2) and the other pair that make ten adjustable are called bar slides(x2) you will need them about 1cm diameter and width to fit the straps:)) I found them in the little lingerie accessories stad at my local fabric shop:)) I will include a section in my pattern about fabric and notion suppliers:)

Suz said...

It is a weird stretch I have not seen before. Quite thick and perfect for this. Issie will road test tonight for her weekly swim lesson!

Meghan said...

This suit is adorable!!

sewVery said...

Too cute! I need this in an adult size!

sewitrockit said...

I really want to make swimsuits for my girls, just wondering how well this will work without a serger. I found a place that sells great swimsuit fabric in Sydney (Stretchtex)?

Suz said...

Hi:) I sewed the red suit without my over locker. It works fine - I used a fine zig zag stitch. The overall finish on the seams on the inside is not as neat but only we know that! If you line your suit you only see the zig zag on the inside of the top edge and leg cuffs:)

Annika said...

What a fun new pattern! And that bird print is amazing!

Trine (groovybaby) said...

My heart is melting here - the cutest girl with an amazing swimsuit! I loooooove this Suz - really! I need this pattern :-)

Mirjam (DeKaWear) said...

So adorable, I love the skirt on this one. My daughter loves it too, she just said: 'Oh, I want one...'

Shell said...

My 5 year old will be wanting one with the skirt I'm sure! So looking forward to this pattern, it sounds like you're putting heaps of options in!

Suz said...

Oh thank you trine!!

Nadine Simard said...

Very cute!

Pienkel said...

Sweet suit & girl! That last pic is hilarious! :-)

rachel said...

Well this is just about the cutest thing! I really love it!

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