Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Small Fry Skinny Jeans

Today I am pleased to be participating in my lovely friend Laura's pattern tour for her second commercial pattern - Small Fry Skinny Jeans.  Laura blogs at Craftstorming in the UK and sells patterns in her shop - Titchy Threads.

Here is my little Emily - just turned two, in her first pair of jeans.  What an amazing pattern this is.  When I first opened it I was compelled to email Laura right away and tell her how amazingly professional, thorough and correct it all was!  I cannot believe she has only been sewing a couple of years!

The jeans took me over two hours to put together but they were lots of fun.  I cheated with switching between regular and top stitching thread and ended up sewing most of the jeans with top stitching on the bobbin - which means I have a mighty strong pair of jeans and had only 20cm of thread to spare when I sewed my last little belt tag down! Great success...

More about the pattern:
  • Totally awesome explanations of each step
  • Amazingly clear photos with annotations
  • Tips galore - every angle is covered
  • Option for half or fully fly ( I sewed half fly)
  • Option for adjustable elasticised waist (which I used)
  • Exposed  patch pockets or regular jeans pockets with coin pocket
  • Flat felled seams
  • Option for long shorts version
  • Size 0-3 months - 12 years
If you are after a jeans pattern, I cannot recommend this pattern enough and cannot imagine the headaches Laura must have had putting this baby together - well done Laura!!!

I used a very soft spotted denim I picked up from my local fabric store with hot pink top stitching thread.  I sewed the 18-24 month size.  Emily is just two and usually measures a few months below standard height.  I started the jeans when Emily was in bed and was too impatient to wait til she woke to measure her for a custom fit.  If I sewed these again for her now, I would sew the size 2 as they are a little 'toight'- mostly around her bottom...encouragement for me to start toilet training her so I can get her out of her nappies to allow a little more room!  So Emily will be getting around her skinnies for the next bit of time til her tummy and bottom are busting out!

You can purchase this fabulous pattern at Titchy Threads and until the 15th of March can receive a 20% discount with the code: TOUR20.

Don't forget to check out the other great bloggers on tour...

Thanks for having me Laura and for offering me your great pattern to review.  I love it!


Liezewiezewoes said...

ooooh what en cutiepie! and waht a very nice pants! Very girly yet tough!

Roslyn said...

Aww super cute! Love the dotty denim and pink top stitching. xx

Jenya @ While she was sleeping said...

Oh sweet Emily in her first pair of jeans - mummy-made jeans! Love then Suz :)

it is surprising how much more room kids get in their pants once they are out of nappies! LM had to go back into her old pants once she got out of nappies as everything just seemed to be falling off her!

christina said...


Renee // nearest the pin said...

Love a small girl in polka dots - she is just delightful!! Great jeans too :)

Suz said...

I officially started toilet training today!

Monica Swift said...

I'm loving these jeans!! Your top stitching in the pink is so adorable. I'm staring at these thinking of how the extra details must leave you feeling so gratified! At least I would be...these are one of those items where people are like, really!? you MADE those? I love that ;)

Meghan said...

Suz these little jeans are adorable! I love the pink top stitching and the polka dot fabric. Your little Emily is just too cute!

kristin said...

eeep look at little emily, she's so cute!! love the jeans too, the polka dots are fantastic.

Laura said...

Emily looks adorable in her jeans, what a cutie! I love the pink topstitching against the polkadot denim. Thanks for joining the tour today!

Suz said...

Thanks Monica. Yes they were a satisfying sew. I bet you will be turning heads in your new dress!!

Celina said...

super cute! I love the polka dots and pink stitch! I ran out of my neon pink thread and had to go out to buy more. You little Emily looks adorable in her first pair of jeans.

Celina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
thingsforboys said...

They look great! I love the pink topstitching! Best of luck with the toilet training, though I'm sure you're a pro by now :)

Anonymous said...

EMILY IS QUITE THE CUTIE modeling her FIRST PAIR OF JEANS! FAb idea to stitch with pink thread on the dark dotted soft denim. Looks like a PERFECT PAIR OF SKINNY JEANS FOR A TODDLER1 BRAVO! Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

Mie Brindle said...

They only took you around two hours to make? wow, you are fast!!! They are crazy cute! I love that denim!! And Emily is the cutest!!

julia said...

Hello cutie pie...Emily's hair has grown so long...off to buy pattern and make some for poppy

Leentje said...

I just love them!

motherof5 said...

How cute, the jeans and the sweet girly!

mrsrobinson said...

Sweet polka dot version... am now oh so tempted with this pattern. Maybe the skinny equivalent of the go-to Oliver+S sandbox pants. I missed the gently swish-swish sound of nappy when walking when my little boy was toilet trained!

Sara said...

Those small fry skinny jeans are adorable!
2 hours?! You are fast! I was one of the lucky testers and it took me at least the double of the time... (well, having three kids around...)
I just made a tunic with a soft chambray (it is a pattern testing for Willow & Co., so it is still a secret project...) that looks exactly like the spotted denim you used - I love it!

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