Monday, June 17, 2013

Nurse Nancy

I made these little nurse outfits for Isabella and Juliette this weekend.  They were inspired by their Little Golden Book, Nurse Nancy.  I had been wanting to make them for a while when I read my friend Ros' (from Sew Delicious) post in facebook saying she was planning to make nurse outfits for her girls inspired by their Little Golden Book, Pepper Plays Nurse.  That and the rainy weather we have had this week in Melbourne got me moving to make the aprons, hats and kit out a fresh new case for some rainy day play.

Nurse Nancy was first published in 1952 and features gorgeous illustrations by Corinne Malvern.  I have googled her illustrations in the past and they are all gorgeous and wonderfully vintage!  In fact, I used a print out of her illustrations to cover two of these wooden letters.
I made the aprons from white cotton drill - a gathered skirt with separate waistband and curved bib.  The neck just has elastic to make it easy to pull on and off.  The hats are just two triangles with elastic at the back too.  The circles are double layer fused with iron on interfacing and the crosses were stitched on white ribbon.
Isabella was totally engrossed in tending to her patients after I set them up in their beds.  She loves writing and drawing at the moment and was loving taking very important notes...

I did overcapitalise a bit on the case but it was too cute.  I added the blue and white cross emblem to match the aprons.

My favourite line in the book is...."That brand-new bandage looked so fresh and fine that even Tom could smile at it now."  The girls' medical kit has an abundance of cheap, no frills band-aids.

 Ros and I have synched our Nurse posts today, so make sure you go and check her's out here!!  I'm off to have a look now too:)


Mrs. Lucky said...

Love the Nurse Nancy costume. Found your blog via Ros from SewDelicious by the way.

Roslyn@Sew Delicious said...

They are so great! I love how both of ours are so different. I will be searching for that book now - I have a strict rule where I only buy Golden Books from op shops. Pepper is excited to play with your Nurse Nancys on Friday :)

Jane from Lil Pip said...

Adorable. My daughter loves her Nurse Nancy book too so I better not show her these pictures!

Eve Pinxteren said...


julia said...

Brings back memories!

Erin said...

We love little golden books- my girl's favorite is Little Mommy- full of stereotyopes about women, but too darling not to love. Great idea for these outfits. :)

rachael {imagine gnats} said...

so cute!! i love the idea of an apron as costume too. i think my girls might need some new dress-up clothes :)

Daniela said...

Oh! how cute they are! What a great idea Suz!
We love little golden books too!

Toni-Maree @ Sew Jereli said...

These are so so cute!! Love them, your girls look like they love them too haha :)

Suz said...

Thanks Erin:) yes we love our collection of little golden books!

Caroline said...

Freakin' adorable Suz! I especially love the photo with the "notes" - a very healthy patient you have there. This also just broke a memory for me - I used to have a nurses outfit when I was little and I adored playing with it. Pity I didn't become a nurse in real life I think!

Suz said...

Thanks Caroline!! We loved playIng doctors and nurses too!!

Cindy said...

What nice dress up clothes! I love the illustrations in the Little Golden books.:)

sisforsewing said...

So cute!
Just showed this to my kids - they love Nurse Nancy (it was one of the first Little Golden Books I got for them)!
Now, i need to sew a similar nurse outfit :-)

Suz said...

Cute!! You have two boys too tO join in with Nancy!!

Nancy said...

This is adorable! I do love the illustrations from little golden books; you should add this to No Big Dill's Flickr group if you haven't already as she is hosting the Once Upon a Thread series.

Suz said...

Thanks Nancy! I haven't hears if the series but have thought foe the past year that such a series would be a great idea!! Nice name by the way:))

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Rachel Davis said...

Love these. How did you make the hats? I'm new to seeing so trying to see how
You've done it?!

Online nursing courses said...

They are so great! I love how both of ours are so different. I will be searching for that book now - I have a strict rule where I only buy Golden Books from op shops.

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