Friday, July 18, 2014

Cosi swimsuit tour - Day 10: Handmade Frenzy and EmmyLouBeeDoo

Today is the last day of my cosi swimsuit tour!  I have been so impressed and happy to see all the gorgeous swimsuits that my guests have made. Thanks guys!! Today, Sarah from EmmyLouBeeDoo and Heidi from Handmade Frenzy.  

Sarah from EmmyLouBeeDoo was one of my biggest supporters when I first decided to create this pattern.  After I invited her on my tour, she emailed back the next day saying she had ordered all her fabrics and that she couldn't wait to start sewing.  Sarah herself is a successful indie pattern designer.  She has released four PDF patterns to date - the doli tank, hosh pants, bimaa sweater and her new shandlin tank.  You can check out all of Sarah's designs in her etsy shop. You can see more of Sarah's galactic cosi over at EmmyLouBeeDoo.  Thank you Sarah!

Heidi from Handmade Frenzy was one of my cosi testers.  She made a super cute cosi during testing and has sewn up another one for my tour.  Heidi has been having fun with photography lately and her photos keep getting better and better. How cute is her daughter in this polka dotted cosi? Heidi sews for her son and daughter and also for herself. To see more of her polka dotted cosi, head over to Handmade Frenzy. Thank you Heidi!

You can buy my pattern here. Until tomorrow you can receive 15% off with code: COSITOUR15 at checkout.  Thank you so much to all my lovely guests for sewing up and promoting my pattern.  I have loved all of your cosis!!!! Rachel, Helena, Ana Sofia, Trine, Heidi, Hayley, Jess, Marta, Isabelle, Rebekah, Suzanne, Sarah, Jess, Jane, Jenya, Renee, Stacey, Olga and Karly - THANK YOU!!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cosi swimsuit tour - Day 9: S is for sewing

For the second last day of my cosi swimsuit tour, my lovely friend Ana Sofia, from S is for sewing.  If you love pretty, feminine sewing, you will love Ana Sofia's style.  She sews mostly for her sweet daughter.  She has a love for Liberty and Oliver and S patterns too! I spy a little ruffle added to the top of her daughter's cosi.  Ana Sofia is so lovely and her comments and emails are always supportive and heartfelt. Thank you Ana Sofia for joining in my cosi tour!! I can't wait to see more pics! Head over to S is for sewing....

Tomorrow is the last day of my cosi tour and the last day to receive the 15% discount (use code: COSITOUR15 at checkout).  Head over to my etsy shop if you would like to grab a copy of the cosi swimsuit.  And please come back tomorrow to see what Heidi from Handmade Frenzy and Sarah from EmmyLouBeeDoo have sewn up!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cosi swimsuit tour - Day 8: Rebekah Sews and Pattern Revolution

Today for my cosi swimsuit tour I am happy to introduce Rebekah from Rebekah Sews.  (Unfortunately, An from straight grain will not be able to join in today but I can't wait to see her cosi soon!).

I was in touch with Suzanne and Robin from Pattern Revolution asking whether they would like to review my pattern.  As it happens, Suzanne posted her review this can see her cosi here! If you don't follow Pattern Revolution, you should! They offer reviews of all the latest PDF patterns.  Thank you Suzanne! I love your tutu addition!!

Rebekah from Rebekah Sews is a pro pattern tester.  If you follow the PDF facebook group, no doubt you have seen Rebekah's creations before.  Rebekah made a gorgeous cosi for her sweet bubba splashing at her local creek. I loved seeing the cosis on little babes during my testing - it's great seeing how the suit sews up on different aged children.  You can see Rebekah's cosi here.

Thank you Rebekah!

You can buy my pattern here.  You can use the code: COSITOUR15 to receive 15%  off at checkout. This applies to all of my patterns until Friday 18th July. I am nearing 400 sales in my etsy shop - thank you to everyone who has already purchased one of my patterns - it makes me happy!

Please come back tomorrow to see what Ana Sofia has made (Rachel from nest full of eggs also sends an apology - she let me know a week or so ago but I had already created and published my calendar)!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cosi swimsuit tour - Day 7: The Sewing Rabbit/Me Sew Crazy and Paisley Roots

I have loved seeing so many gorgeous cosi swimsuits over the past couple of weeks.  It is really exciting too to hear that for most people, it has been the first swimsuit they have ever sewn. Today's guests are Jessica from Me Sew Crazy/The Sewing Rabbit and Karly from Paisley Roots. 

Jessica is a busy mother to three girls and has a very busy blog - The Sewing Rabbit, where she showcases her own sewing and tutorials and also guest tutorials and inspiration from the "The Sewing Rabbit" team.  Jess is also a big believer in creating community amongst sewers/bloggers and organises "girls nights out" across the US.  Such a great idea! She also writes the quarterly online kids fashion/sewing magazine "stylo" with Celina.  Jess is BUSY! Take a look around on her blog for so much inspiration! She  made a one and two piece cosi for two of her daughters - I love the yellow!! You can see Jess' cosis here. Thank you so much Jess!

Karly writes the blog, Paisley Roots.  She has five children whom she loves to sew for.  Karly won Season 9 of Project Run and Play.  I am only a new follower to Karly's blog and am glad to have connected with her. She has also created a popular sewing pattern - the saffron twirl dress.  Karly was one of my invaluable pattern testers - she made the blue and green suit you can see below.  For my tour, she sewed up two more cosis! I  love the look of all of them- the pink one in particular I just love! You can see Karly's gorgeous cosis here.

Thank you so much Jess and Karly!!

You can buy my pattern here.  You can use the code: COSITOUR15 to receive 15%  off at checkout. This applies to all of my patterns until Friday 18th July. 

Please come back tomorrow to see what Rebecca and An have made!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Cosi swimsuit tour - Day 6: While she was sleeping and Nearest the pin

Welcome back to the second week of my cosi swimsuit blog tour.  Today I am sharing suits made by two local girls - Jenya from While she was sleeping and Renee from Nearest the pin.  Jenya and Renee both live in my home state and sew for their kids.

Jenya is a lovely girl who sews mostly for her sweet daughter, whom she refers to on her blog as Little Monkey.  Jenya was born in Russia but lives now in Victoria with her husband and daughter. Jenya recently hosted her first sewing series - You and Me, which celebrated mother and daughter. You can read the overview here. Jenya made her first ever swimsuit for this tour, and I must say, it looks like it turned out very well!!  Thank you Jenya and I look forward to having a better look. Head over to While she was sleeping to see more:)

Renee writes the blog, Nearest the pin.  She sews for her son and daughter and also lots for herself. I found Renee's blog last year and it always so nice to connect with someone who lives close by.  I have not yet met Renee, but hope to in the future.  How sweet is this polka dotted cosi Renee made for her duaghter?  I love the wall details too! Thank you for joining in Renee! Please head over to Nearest the pin to see more.

You can buy my pattern here.  You can use the code: COSITOUR15 to receive 15%  off at checkout. This applies to all of my patterns until next Friday 18th July. 

Please come back tomorrow to see what Jessica and Karly have made!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Cosi tour - Day 5: Craftiness is not optional and Welcome to the mouse house

Today's two guests on my cosi swimsuit pattern tour are both super talented and prolific sewers - Jess from Craftiness is not optional and Hayley from Welcome to the mouse house.

Jess from Craftiness is not optional is an all round amazingingly crafty girl.  She sews for her three little daughters, herself, renovates dollhouses, hosts ridiculously awesome parties, shares tutorials and makes patterns.  I don't know how she does it!  Today she is sharing three cosis she made for her daughters Sadie, Charlotte and little Ava.  So cute!!! Head over to CINO to see more!!

Hayley from Welcome to the mouse house started creating PDF sewing patterns under her brand - Mouse house creations, late last year and they have already been hugely popular.  I have made her Norah dress - so cute! And also her Julia cardigan. You can see these patterns and more in Hayley's pattern shop here. Hayley also contributes to Willow and Co - she designed the sweet clover shorts and persimmon dress.  I have gotten to know Hayley better over the past six months and she is so friendly and positive.  I really love her work!  For my cosi tour, Hayley made two suits for her sweet daughter Ainsley...Head over to Welcome to the mouse house to see more!  

Thank you so much Jess and Hayley.  Your suits are so sweet!!

You can buy my pattern here.  You can use the code: COSITOUR15 to receive 15%  off at checkout. This applies to all of my patterns until next Friday 18th July. 

Please come back next week for more cosi goodness!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cosi tour - Day 4: Groovybaby...and mama & Mina Dotter

Today Trine and Isabelle join me on my cosi swimsuit pattern tour.  Trine writes the popular Danish blog, Groovybaby...and mama. She sews awesome clothes for her four kids and she sews just as many cool things for herself.  She her most recent sew - this lovely jacket!!  The dresses Trine makes for her six year old daughter Wilma, are some of my favourites.  She often uses vintage fabrics  - like this one she made for Vintage May. Trine guest posted for my When we were young series with a beautiful vintage brown and orange floral dress - and a matching one for herself. I love them both.  So I am very excited to share Trine's cosi here today.  She made view A for Wilma and I can't wait to see more.  Head over to Groovybaby...and mama to see more!

Isabelle's blog, Mina Dotter, is relatively new to me.  Isabelle applied to test my cosi pattern and when I checked out her blog, I knew she would be a great person to have on board (See her two piece here). She is also a popular European blogger - this time from Belgium.  She sews mostly for her three daughters. Her sewing and photography are great and I look forward to seeing more of her creations. She actually has a similar style of sewing and photography to Trine, I think!  She makes lovely things for herself too. Isabelle made View A for the tour also, and in perfect time - just before heading off to Croatia on holiday! See her lovely baby blue cosi here.

Thank you so much Trine and Isabelle.  Your suits are awesome!!

You can buy my pattern here.  You can use the code: COSITOUR15 to receive 15%  off at checkout. This applies to all of my patterns until next Friday 18th July. 

Please come back tomorrow to see what Jess and Hayley have made!  See Day 3's makes by Olga and Stacey here.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cosi tour - Day 3: Kid Approved and JSMilani&Co.

Today for my cosi swimsuit tour, I am welcoming Olga from Kid Approved and Stacey from the brand new blog - JSMilani&Co.  Here is Stacey's gorgeous daughter in this awesome two piece!!

I will admit, I do not know a lot about Stacey.  I know that she is a paediatrician who lives in the US. She tested my pattern for me and her photos and suit were just gorgeous.  I asked her if she had a blog and she told me that she was planning on beginning one, so after I invited her to take part in my tour, she decided that this cosi suit would be her first post!.  Please head over to Stacey's blog to see more and show her some love on her first ever post!  

Olga writes the blog, Kid Approved.  She is super fun and friendly and loves to sew for her four kids.  She recently contributed to the new pattern collective, Willow& Co with her awesome Mulberry Tunic pattern. Olga has also started sewing for herself and always looks awesome in what she sews.  Have a look at this cool skirt! Olga has made a sweet cosi for her youngest daughter and added ruffles to the bum! So cute.  She has a tutorial on her blog on how to do it yourself!!

Thank you so much Stacey and Olga!

You can buy my pattern here.  You can use the code: COSITOUR15 to receive 15%  off at checkout. This applies to all of my patterns until next Friday 18th July. 

Please come back tomorrow to see what Trine and Isabelle have made!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Secret Squirrel....the final verdict

Sorry this post is a bit late, but please head over to An's blog to see the final results for Secret Squirrel! Congratulations to Victoria and Tasha and thank you so much to everyone who took part!!

Cosi swimsuit tour - Day 2: Buzzmills and Do Guincho

For day two of the cosi tour I am happy to have Marta from Do Guincho and Jane from Buzzmills sharing their suits.

Jane blogs from Buzzmills in America and sews for her two children.  Jane helped me with testing out my pattern. You can see her first cosi she made for her daughter Violet here. for her second cosi, she sewed up view D in a sweet Girl Charlee swimsuit fabric.  I love the fish!  Head over to Buzzmills to see more!

Marta blogs from Do Guincho in Portugal and sews for two sweet girls - Teresa and Ines.  She sews the sweetest things for her daughters and I am excited to see more of Teresa's cosi after Marta sent me this sneak peek...She added beads to the strap ends - such a great detail! Head over to Marta's blog to see more!

Thank you so much Marta and Jane!! Your suits are gorgeous!!

You can buy my pattern here.  You can use the code: COSITOUR15 to receive %15 off at checkout. This applies to all of my patterns until next Friday 18th July. 

Please come back tomorrow to see what Olga and Stacey have made!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Cosi swimsuit tour - Day 1: stitched together and gray all day

For day one of my cosi swimsuit tour, I have the pleasure of bringing to you four cosi suits!! Rachel from stitched together sewed up three suits for her two eldest daugters - Tarikua and Indigo.  You may already have seen the two other gorgeous suits she sewed for Indigo and Iris here.  So fantastic!!! I love them all!!  She added a cute ruffle across the top of Tarikua's zebra print suit and also did some colour blocking.  Love your work Rachel!! Thank you!! Rachel shares more gorgeous photos and also some great swimsuit sewing tips (since she has now made five in two weeks!!) over at stitched together. Stick around while you are there...Rachel's sewing and photos are all beautiful as are the stories of her growing family.

My second guest blogger for today is Helena from gray all day.  I had not seen Helena's blog until she applied to test my cosi pattern.  She sewed up a lovely white cosi for her daugther and now she has made a cool peacock and black two piece.   Helena does lots of great sewing for herself.  She has in fact made herself a swimsuit too!! See it here!   Head over to gray all day to see Helena's peacock cosi. Thank you Helena!!

Thank you so much Rachel and Helena!

You can buy my pattern here.  From 7-18 July throughout my blog tour, you can receive a 15 % discount on all of my patterns by using the code: COSITOUR15 at checkout.

Friday, July 4, 2014

The cosi swimsuit JULY TOUR!!

I am excited to share that beginning on Monday, I have 20 great bloggers lined up to share their cosi swimsuits with you all! A few of these lovely ladies helped to test my pattern and are either sharing what they made during testing or sewing up another suit!  I can't wait to see them all! Make sure you come back on Monday to see my first guests and also to grab a discount code!


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Secret Squirrel - its time to vote!!

I hope you all checked out An's amazing colour blocked sundress - the final creation for Secret Squirrel.  I love it and plan on copying it this summer (I hope you don't mind An)!!

An and I were so impressed with all the creations made by our hosts and also in the sew along flickr group over the past year. Each host really embraced the series and came up with something imaginative and creative.  So now to reward all that hard work we are excited to get the voting started for your most loved creations.  There are two groups of outfits on which you can vote.  The first collection is from our Secret Squirrel hosts. The second collection is for those who sewed along and added their creations to our flickr group.  One vote per IP address.  Voting begins now and ends at 12 noon Central European Time on Monday 7th July.  Winners will be announced that day.

To remind you of the prizes that are up for grabs here are our packages.

Thank you so much again to our generous sponsors: SewFineFabricsLimaSews, SewFreshFabrics, Scientific Seamstress, and Elegance & Elephants!

Now, it's time to vote! Simply click (or tap) on the heart icon which appears on the picture of your favorite creation.The ent rant with the most votes per poll will be the winner.

Host voting:


Sew along voting:

Thank you so much to everyone who took part! Especially our hosts: VenusTashaAmyVictoria, JenyaAsmitaAnnika, SaskiaEmily and 'Scary'. You made the series so much fun!

Secret Squirrel arrives home!

Secret squirrel finishes his year long journey today after travelling back to Antwerp in Belgium. Today An from Straightgrain will be sharing the final creation of this series after being inspired by these five acorns from the Shaffer sisters...

I know An was challenged with a couple of these acorns and I can't wait to see what she came up with! Here is a sneak stunning is that bodice??!!

Please come back tonight when An and I will open the voting for the most loved secret squirrel host creation and the most loved secret squirrel sew along creation.  

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A fancy cosi for my (big) little swimmer

Isabella began swimming lessons this year.  I hoped to begin her earlier but didn't know how I would manage tto keep two toddlers happy poolside.  My Mum now graciously minds Juliette and Emily while Issie and I head off to swimming lessons after school.  Juliette swims on a separate day while Emily paddles in the baby pool:) I have already made Issie a suit using my cosi pattern (which you can see on the pattern cover), but it is not made from lycra and although it is suitable for the water, the fabric is thick and takes ages to dry at the moment mid winter.  I needed to make Issie one from lycra and I have been waiting to use this beautiful fabric since buying it two years ago.

I adjusted my pattern (View C) a little as I wanted to incorporate some of this pretty gold bias binding that I received from Rachel - who has now become a good friend and writes one of my favourite blogs - stitched together. Rachel sent me a very generous package as part of the mailbox surprise series (hosted by Marta and Marte) earlier in the year which included silver and gold bias binding. I found the lycra at The Fabric Store in Melbourne - it is an offcut of a Tigerlily swimsuit fabric (an Australian swimwear brand). I love it.  I altered my pattern by simply omitting the elastic around the top of the suit and sewing it in two parts - the bias binding across the top horizontal line and then binding the suit top with the swimsuit fabric and extending this to create straps.  I stretched the swimsuit fabric binding slightly as I sewed. it.  Since the bias binding is under no strain it does not need to stretch.  I also added it to the outer hem of the leg frills.  Bling!

I used my sewing machine entirely for this suit and it took me about an hour and half from start to finish (including a broken double stretch needle - ouch, that costs!).  The leg elastic was sewn down with zig zag instead of the double top stitch. I sewed up a size five for Issie and it has a little room in it which I expected since her and Juliette have the same chest size.  This way it will hopefully fit all through summer (until I need to make another one!!)

Watch me go Mum! Isabella looked very fancy turning up to her swimming lesson this evening!

If you are wondering whether you can tackle making a swimsuit, they really are not as hard as they look!! If you have sewn with stretch before, I am sure you can do it!! You can buy my pattern here.  And I can't wait to see many more cosis coming up very soon as part of my July tour:)) Details of all my lovely partipants coming soon!