Thursday, October 23, 2014

I (heart) Marcel Marlier: Elegance & Elephants and Welcome to the mouse house

Hi there:) Today An and I have two more lovely and talented ladies joining us for our I (heart) Marcel Marlier series.  Heidi from Elegance & Elephants and Hayley from Welcome to the mouse house.

Heidi is the very talented lady behind the popular blog and pattern label - Elegance & Elephants.  Heidi lives in Canada with her husband and two children and drafts childrens' patterns in her spare time.  She has created eight popular patterns to date, including: Bohemian babydoll dress & top, Bubble pocket shorts and the new Hemlock top. You can see all of Heidi's patterns here.  I was super excited to see the photo Heidi emailed me of her contribution to our series - A Marcel Marlier inspired outfit for her son - Tobias!!  Our first boy outfit.  Head over to E & E to see!!

Head over to StraightGrain to find the introduction and details of  Hayley's creation below!

And if you feel inspired and would like to join in, you can read about our sew along here

Thank you so much Heidi and Hayley - I can't wait to see and read more about what you made!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kids' Clothes Week: A Milly-Molly-Mandy dress

One of my favourite storybook characters as a child was the sweet Milly-Molly-Mandy.

The stories were written and illustrated by Joyce Lankester Brisley and were set in a quaint little village where Milly-Molly-Mandy would get up to exciting adventures with little friend Susan and Billy Blunt.  Adventures like, Milly-Molly-Mandy plays shop, goes to the seaside, goes sledging and goes carol singing.

The stories have been re-illustrated and published but I prefer the old drawings.  I remember pouring over this map of the village as a child...

Since Juliette also loves the stories of Milly-Molly-Mandy (we only have a newer edition book), and also resembles the main character, I was excited to sew her up a Milly-Molly-Mandy inspired dress for the Storybook inspired season of Kids' Clothes Week!

I drafted the pattern myself - it is made up of a front, back, button and belt loops and a tie.  It is fully lined with the lining peeking out the bottom of the hem.  

I couldn't find a stripe that represented Milly-Molly-Mandy in my local fabric store so I purchased a cherry pink and ivory voile and pieced the fabric together myself.  (OTT, I know) It took a bit of time but Juliette loves her new dress and loves pretending to be Milly-Molly-Mandy.


The back closes with two button/loops and the small sash can be tied in a knot or small bow.  


I hope you like this dress and pattern - I am actually drafting it to become a free pattern!  It will be suitable for beginners and is so nice and comfy to wear.  I have testers standing by and hope the pattern will be ready for anyone to use in about three weeks. Be sure to follow me on fb if you are interested in hearing when it is all done!

Are you sewing along for KCW? I have two more things planned for the week...will see how I go with my time!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

I (heart) Marcel Marlier: S is for sewing & Petit a petit and family

Hi there:) Today An and I have two more lovely ladies joining us for our I (heart) Marcel Marlier series. Two Marcel Marlier fans - Ana Sofia from S is for sewing (from Portugal) and Celina from Petit a petit and family (from Canada).  Both sewers grew up reading books illustrated by Marcel Marlier so An and I are very excited to have them interpreting his drawings in their sewing and sharing here today.

Today I am introducing Ana Sofia from S is for sewing.  Ana Sofia sews mostly for her six year old daughter (and occasionally for her sons).  She is a classical sewer and her daughter is always dressed beautifully in liberty, Oliver & S and pretty florals.  Ana Sofia is a lovely lady and helped me testing my Sunday picnic dress recently (you will see her creation on my upcoming blog tour:))  I can't wait to see more of Ana Sofia's 'Anita' inspired outfit!!  Head over to S is for sewing to see!           

Head over to StraightGrain to find the details of Celina's creation below!

And if you would like to join in, you can read about our sew along here

Thank you so much Ana Sofia and Celina- I can't wait to see and read about what you made!

Friday, October 17, 2014

FRIDAY FIVER: Debbie's birthday dress

I pinned the woollen dress above months ago as it reminded me of my pattern - Debbie's birthday dress. Today, Crafterhours have the discount code for you to receive the pattern for only $5 for the next 24 hours. Perfect timing for Kids Clothes Week beginning on Monday.  I have another DBD planned for next week inspired by one of Emily's favourite book characters. 

Today I whipped up a Dolce & Gabbana inspired DBD for Emily.

Debbie's birthday dress is a classic A-line dress with two views.  As many of you know it was inspired by one of my favourite childhood story books - Debbie's birthday party, illustrated by the great Marcel Marlier. It is a great beginner pattern (no zips or buttonholes!) and you can really make it your own with cute trims and adding bows, buttons, etc.  Have a look at the sewpony vintage flickr pool for some other lovely Debbie's!  

The fabrics I used are: vintage grey wool (given to me by a friend), green wool felt, brown velvet and some quilting cotton for the lining.  The buttons on the pockets are vintage too.  My dress cost about $5, while the D&G one is $413.33!!!

You can create the A-line without the centre seam of view 2 by simply omitting the central seam allowance and cutting your dress front on the fold. I added a chocolate brown bow to mine and two pockets instead of one.  My pocket size on this dress is smaller as had only just enough green woollen felt! Looking at the D&G version again, I might move the bow up a little to make it look a little more balanced.

To follow the link to the discount code, head over to Crafterhours! Thank you for the invitation Adrianna:)

Emily likes her new dress, but mostly, she just wants to be a puppy...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

I (heart) Marcel Marlier: Do Guincho & La Cabane d'Elilou

Today for I (heart) Marcel Marlier we have an old and a new friend! Marta from Do Guincho and Caro from La Cabane d'Elilou join us today...

Marta from Do Guincho is one of my best blogging friends. She lives in Portugal and loves to sew for her two sweet sweet daughters - Teresa and Ines.  I love Marta's style and she is so nice!! She has one pattern for sale so far - her sweet bubble shorts, and would have more patterns I'm sure if she was not so busy with her day job. Marta is a super busy architect but also loves to sew when she can squeeze in some time. How awesome are these pants she made? Wow! I instantly recognised Marta's photo as an imitation of one of Marlier's illustrations.  I can't wait to see more and for you to see how she was inspired.  Head over to Do Guincho to see and if you like, you can enter our giveaway again!

Head over to StraightGrain to find the details of Caro's creation!

And if you would like to join in, you can read about our sew along here! An and I are very excited to see a  quite a few entries in there already:))

Thank you so much Marta and Caro!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Small and white, clean and bright, Edelweiss..."

Since I first saw Hey June's Edelweiss pattern last year, I loved it.  In fact, Jess from Craftiness is not Optional made the first version I saw for my When we were young series - here.  So cute!  I loved the delicateness of the design.  So more than a year later, I purchased the Edelweiss pattern and made one up for Juliette!

I will admit that I did have some troubles making up this dress.  My bodice just wasn't looking right and after emails back and forth with Adrianna, the pattern designer and co-author of the blog Crafterhours, we figured out that my printer had printed the pattern a whisker off scale which had thrown things out.  This dress is based on the measurements Adrianna forwarded me.  Thanks for your helpful feedback and problem solving Adrianna! 

If you have sewn this dress or intend to, you may be a little confused when you see that the combined back bodice pieces are quite a lot narrower than the front bodice piece.  I wasn't sure how it was going to come together, but when I tried it on Juliette, it fit her very well.  Adrianna's instructions are fantastic - all digitally drawn and the whole pattern is very professional.

I am proud to say that this dress was made entirely of second hand fabric (and lace).  I love op shopping (thrift shopping) and I found this beautiful piece of floral silk? last week which I immediately thought of in the Edelweiss bodice.  The crocheted beige lace was given to me by a friend years ago (thanks Inala!) and the blue floral cotton lawn came to me in the mail in a surprise package from another friend last week.  She had a bunch of fabrics in her cupboard that she had bought years ago and decided to send them down to me. Thanks Tee! The bodice is lined with a piece of cream floral sheet that I also picked up at the op shop (not visible).  The only thing that was not second hand were the two buttons that were in my button stash.  I love, love being able to make clothing for next to nothing and giving new life to second hand fabrics.

Juliette loves her romantic and floaty dress and has already asked to pull it out of the washing basket.  I did make a modification to the pattern - the lace is actually supposed to be a ruffled piece of fabric but I thought this lace suited the style of the dress perfectly. I plan on using this pattern again shortly to make a dress for a friend of Juliette's - this time I will shorten the dress length by about an inch.  The pattern also comes in tunic length. 

As you can see below, it is the perfect dress for dancing and swirling...

If you would like to buy a copy of the Edelweiss dress, you can head over to Adrianna's Hey June pattern shop!

I also love this song!

Monday, October 13, 2014

I (heart) Marcel Marlier: R connection and Le labO D'Isa

Have you been enjoying An and my I (heart) Marcel Marlier series so far? We certainly are!  Today, celebrating the beautiful works of Marcel Marlier, our guests are two very talented European bloggers - Stephanie from R connection and Isabelle(Isa) from Le labO D'Isa.

Stephanie from R connection  lives in France and I am a new follower of her blog. She sews for her daughters and as far as I can see is an all round crafty lady!  Have a look at this lovely Lotta dress she made her daughter Mila. She also makes ridiculously cool jewelry.  Check out these earrings!  We are excited to get to know Stephanie more and to see her Marcel Marlier inspired outfit (see below).  Head over to R connection to see!!

Head over to StraightGrain to find the details of Isa's creation below!

And if you would like to join in, you can read about our sew along here! An and I are very excited to see a  quite a few entries in there already:))

Thank you so much Stephanie and Isa!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I (heart) Marcel Marlier: Dandelion Drift & Aesthetic Nest

Today for An and my I (heart) Marcel Marlier series celebrating the beautiful works of Marcel Marlier, our guests are two very talented ladies - Teresa from Dandelion Drift and Anneliese from Aesthetic Nest.

Anneliese from Aesthetic Nest sews for her three little daughters. They are gorgeous as is her sewing. Her sewing for the most recent STYLO magazine was amazing!! Check out pages 5-11 to see beautiful swimwear sewn for Scarlett, Audrey and Tess (three names I would choose if we happened to have three more girls!!!)  Anneliese creates sewing patterns under her pattern label: Wee Muses. She also sells knitting, sewing and crochet patterns under her label: Aesthetic Nest.  An and I are excited to see her creation for our series!

Head over to StraightGrain to find the details of Teresa's creation below!

And if you would like to join in, you can read about our sew along here! An and I are very excited to see a  few entries in there already:))

Thank you so much Teresa and Anneliese!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My signature style//Project Run & Play

I decided to join in with the final sew along for this season of Project Run & Play.  Each season, the final week is "My signature style".  I thought it was the perfect opportunity to finish and show you this version of my new pattern - Sunday picnic dress, which I made Isabella.  Since Juliette received the last three versions (here, here and here), Isabella asked if she could have one, okay!!

So what is 'my signature style'? I love vintage inspired designs and also fabrics.  I love florals, spots, piping, buttons, sweet little collars, interesting details on garments and clothes that are easy to get on and off!  So I had to pair this dress with some knee high knitted socks (from the op shop) and some red mary janes for cuteness.

How cool is the border on this print? I love that I could incorporate it onto the hemline of the dress.

Isabella was in a bit of a silly mood when I took these photos, so there are a few random poses, like the one above!

The fabric is  Cotton and Steel Mustang - Star (in Mustard) by Melody Miller.  I particularly love the note on the selvage of this fabric: "Leap and the net shall appear".  Man I love ALL the fabrics in the Cotton and Steel collection and have a few more half made into garments to show soon. I purchased the fabric from Frances at Miss Matatabi (my new favourite online fabric shop - great shipping costs to Australia compared to the US). 

Another silly pose!

The photo below has been edited with high contrast but I kind of like it so have included it too!

Are you sewing along for PR&P? You can upload your link here. And you can by the Sunday picnic dress pattern here:)